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Re-Post of the Friends Only Banner

I'm always open to new friends, but please just leave a comment if you want to be added.  It's generally a painless procedure, I promise ;o)

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Kurumi's SignMaker, yes?

Yeah, I'm THAT MUCH of a roadgeek.

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hiya, I just stumbled across your journal. Would you mind if I added you?

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Sure, I've added you as well :o) Welcome!

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Hi! I'm a student at Quincy College who just moved to the area... add me? :)

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Sure, I'm always up for new and interesting folks - but you may want to take another look at my user info... I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma these days ;o) I did grow up in Quincy though

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Hi Lora! Just realized I didn't have you on my friends list!! :)

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Whoops! I'm sure you've noticed by now I've added you back, I just forgot to reply here ;o)
(deleted comment)

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Not at all! I'm actually closer to you than Tulsa...we live in Jenks ;o)

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From the what_a_crock community. Friends, yes?

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Since my Live Journal friends rarely post anything these days, I thought I'd see who else is out there with similar interests in Tulsa who has made a recent LJ post. So I'm adding you if you don't mind. :-)

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Saw your post in add-me and seemed interesting. My Dad is a trucker, would love to read about your experiences (that is, if you do write about it!). =-D

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Sure! I'll add you and we can see if we click. You don't have much on your user profile.